Thousands of People. One Goal.

Introducing CoCreate, a Movement of people throughout Wisconsin working with Network Health to create a better health insurance industry.

Millennials (A26-34) and Baby Boomers (55-64) all over the state will work hand-in-hand with a Wisconsin Company to share their ideas and design new products and services together. This will create change not seen before in an industry due for a makeover.

Why a Movement?

The health insurance industry is being turned upside down with health care reform requirements hitting hard now, yet some things remain the same. It is often still confusing and designed without consumers in mind.

People all over the state of Wisconsin are empowered to influence their health insurance experience by sharing their ideas to turn the industry right side up.

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Meet the Baby Boomers

This isn’t our first movement. Learn what we have to say about the health insurance industry today and how the CoCreate Movement is responding to our generation’s needs for us and with us.

Meet the Millennials

Think we don’t care? Think again. See our ideas to influence genuine change and how CoCreate helps make that change a reality.

Meet Network Health

There’s a reason why we are a different kind of Health Insurance Company and it’s bigger than ourselves. Look a little closer at what we’re all about.

Our CoCreate Gallery

Peek inside all the activity fueling the CoCreate Movement to change the health insurance industry in Wisconsin. What you see might surprise you.